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About us...

The Inspirational Women of the Law exhibition is a collaboration between Newcastle Law School staff and students, and students from the Fine Art department.
Nikki Godden

Nikki is a lecturer in law at Newcastle University and is co-director, with Professor Kathryn Hollingsworth, of the Inspirational Women of the Law project. Nikki researches in the field of rape law and policy, sexual violence and civil law, sexual violence and restorative justice, and feminist legal theory more widely. Nikki is on the editorial board for Feminist Legal Studies and is on the steering committee of Newcastle University’s Gender Research Group.

Phoebe McElhatton

Phoebe is currently studying Fine Art at Newcastle University and photographer for the Inspirational Woman of the Law project.  Phoebe explores the medium of photography, using both digital and analogue cameras, she is interested in gender and social structure and she is currently writing her dissertation on the representation of women in the Media. Phoebe has been involved in creative projects around Newcastle and within the University.

Kathryn Hollingsworth  

Kathryn is Professor of Law at Newcastle University. She is the co-director, with Dr Nikki Godden, of the Inspirational Women of the Law project.  Kathryn’s research interests lie in children’s rights in youth justice, and she has published widely in this area and acts in an advisory capacity for a number of children’s rights-related organisations.  She is the social justice theme champion on the Newcastle Institute of Social Justice, Director of the Newcastle Forum for Human Rights and Social Justice, and is on the steering committee for NU Women’s Network.

Aleksandra Wawrzyszczuk

Aleksandra is the law intern of the Inspirational Women of the Law team and a final year LL.B. Student at Newcastle Law School, Newcastle University. As an aspiring lawyer, she is devoted to altering the face of gender diversity in the legal industry. She is currently writing her dissertation on how an increasing efficiency of the legal system, reminiscent of that present in literary dystopias, impacts the decision-making processes within the law.

Gemma Herries

Gemma is an arts practitioner who works with arts projects, galleries and the community within Newcastle. A graduate in Fine Art from Newcastle University, she specialises in making art out of unconventional materials, often exploring subjects outside of the traditional art world. Inspirational Women of the Law is a project that has allowed her to proudly push forward the achievements of remarkable women by researching, commissioning and curating photographs to create an exhibition that is both a celebration of contemporary photography and women working in law.


Clare Brown
Graphic Designer 

Clare is a Graphic Designer / Illustrator /
Screenprinter from Newcastle upon Tyne and has designed all materials for the Inspirational Women of the Law project.

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