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Chrisann Jarrett


Chrisann Jarrett is a final year Law student at the LSE. In 2014, Chrisann founded an Equal  Access  to  Higher  Education  campaign  called  Let  Us  Learn.  The campaign focuses on the issue of young ambitious migrants who are lawfully resident in the UK but  are  barred  from  student  finance  due  to  changes  in  legislation  as  of  2011.  The campaign calls for a change in government policy.  Chrisann was one of these young people  who  were  being  told  that  she  had  to  pay  international  fees  and  so  the campaign  was  personal.  Through  strategically  lobbying  MP’s,  local  and  national newspapers  and  involvement  in  a  Supreme  Court  test  case,  the  campaign  has enabled many more young people who were brought to the UK as children to access university. Chrisann is immensely passionate about young people having a voice and developing the key tools early on in their careers to be leaders.

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