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Shauneen Lambe


Shauneen Lambe was born in 1972 in London, and studied psychology and philosophy at Edinburgh University, where she campaigned to establish the University’s first Equal Opportunities Officer. In 1995, she commenced her legal studies and began her life-long commitment to young people in the criminal justice system. Her university holidays were spent working on death penalty cases in the USA with Clive Stafford Smith, and in 1999 she helped Clive establish the human rights organisation Reprieve. In 2006, having seen first hand the impact of poverty and oppression on the life-chances of disadvantaged young people in the USA, Shauneen established London-based Just for Kids Law (JfK) with Aika Stephenson. JfK represent, campaign and advocate on behalf of children in conflict with the law, always from a position of compassion and empathy. In 2010, JfK were the recipients of the Legal Aid Firm/Not for Profit Award at the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Awards. Shauneen believes we are collectively responsible for all children, and is committed to early intervention and to taking a holistic approach to the lives of the children JfK work with. She is also a board member of Birthrights (the UK's only organisation dedicated to improving women's experience of pregnancy and childbirth by promoting respect for human rights). Shauneen’s compassion, dedication and leadership has been widely acknowledged: she was chosen as a World Economic Forum ‘Young Global Leader’; awarded a Shackleton Leadership Award in 2011; and elected as an Ashoka Fellow in 2012. 

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