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Eran Cutliffe 2021 Headshot.JPG

Eran Cutliffe

Eran is a solicitor and since her qualification in 2008 has worked for the Crown Prosecution Service. Eran has had a number of roles in the CPS including that of a specialist in the Youth Court and Domestic Violence cases before moving on to a Complex Casework Unit. She obtained her higher rights of audience in 2010 and also completed further training in Rape and Serious Sexual Offences.


Eran’s current role is as a Specialist Prosecutor based in the Special Crime Division. She advises on and prosecutes a range of high profile and complex cases including those involving ‘disasters’, corporate manslaughter, gross negligence manslaughter, serious police corruption, election offences and assisted suicide. This frequently involves leading teams of investigators, expert witnesses and counsel in taking cases to trial. Eran also quality assures the work of other CPS lawyers in relation to private prosecutions and serious communications offences.


In 2018 two cases that Eran dealt with whilst working in the West Midlands Complex Casework Unit were featured in the acclaimed BBC documentary ‘The Prosecutors’. One of the cases involved the trafficking and exploitation of children and resulted in the first convictions under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 for offences involving children. As a direct result a number of children were able to remain in social services care and start to rebuild their lives. The publicity generated by the case also raised the profile and awareness of this type of criminality. The other case featured was the first to successfully use drone GPS data to prosecute an organised crime group using drones to fly items into prisons.

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